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Induction hobs and bespoke induction stoves and planchas
Bespoke Induction Cooking Suites - click here for information  Call us on 01622 872821 to discuss your requirements  
 induction_suite_with_sliders_plancha_and_adande_800x600.jpg  plancha_cooked_fish_and_scallops_800x600.jpg  

induction_cooking_suite_with_planchas_and_sliders_800x600.jpgInduction suite with 3 x Slider induction solid tops, 2 Chrome planchas and Adande refrigeration

Jon Howe of Lumiere, Cheltenham with his induction stove with 6 x 3kW hobs and plancha
 nick_evans_sat_bains_800x600.jpg  gauthier_800x600.jpg  

induction_stove_with_planchas_induction_solid_tops_and_ovens_media_city_manchester_800x600.jpg Induction suite with Slider solid tops, French planchas and 3 ovens at Chef Simon Stanley's Damson Restaurant at Media City Manchester the new home of the BBC

induction_stove_with_6_rings_and_two_planchas800x600.jpg  6 x 3 kW induction hobs and 2 x French planchas in a peninsula cooking suite commisioned for the newly reopened Killingworth Castle Pub Restaurant in Oxford

induction_stove_with_plancha_800x600.jpg Induction suite and plancha at Lumiere Cheltenham - click here for more info'

induction_suite_with_plancha_kota_kai_800x600.jpg Induction cooking suite & twin plancha at Kota Cornwall - click here for more info'

 Will Control Induction catering equipment help you win a Michelin Star??

We can't say for sure but the Black Swan at Oldstead got it's Michelin star and Osso in Peebles got it's Bib Gourmand the year after installing Induction and Plancha. Jon Howe's Lumiere went to 37 in the 2012 Times 100 restaurants just six months after starting to fry all their fish and meat on our plancha. Highly skilled chefs + plancha consistency = higher standards

Can I switch to cooking with induction in a way that will not change how my chefs cook? -

Yes, switch to The Slider® Induction solid top , the only induction hob that works like a gas solid top! You move the pan to increase the heat. 

Induction suite saves £600 per month - click here to see case study



Our new induction solid top "The Slider® won this accolade at the 2011 Catering Equipment Suppliers Association annual conference 

The Slider® Induction solid top - click here for more information  

  The award was given at the CESA FCSI (Catering equipment suppliers association annual conference in association with the Foodservice Consultants Society International) 

 The Induction Solid Top!

"The Slider® induction hob can heat pans anywhere on it's 360mm x 760mm vitro ceramic surface, but the clever part is that one end of the hob cooks with high heat input and the other end with low heat input, just like a gas or electric solid top. Call us on 01622 872821 for information 

 cimg4963_800x600.jpg  induction_solid_tops_planchas_and_adande_refrigerators_treby_arms_cooking_suite_800x600.jpg
 induction_hobs_and_plancha_les_chats_swindon.jpg  induction_hobs_boiling_simmering_frying_and_cooking_mussels_800x600.jpg

Our Induction Hob in the Hotelympia Innovation Award Finals

The Slider induction solid top has reached the finals of the prestigious Hotelympia Innovation awards. Come and see us on stand N1030 and hear how the worlds easiest to use induction hob can make your kitchen cleaner, cooler and more efficient, without your chef having to change his cooking methods!


See Our Induction cooking equipment on TV!

A Control Induction cooking suite will be used for the final of celebrity Masterchef 2012



Four Ring Induction With Oven

 Four Ring Induction Cooker With a Blue Seal Oven- Click here for more infomation

  TekTherm Sous Vide

Tek therm sous vide oven - click here for information

Tektherm Sous-Vide Oven

Catering Insight review-TekTherm Sous Vide Oven

 Control Induction hobs and/or planchas were installed by the following Michelin starred restaurants in their kitchens during 2010/2014

Nobu at The Metropolitan Hotel, London - 1 Michelin star

Pied a Terre, London - 2 Michelin stars

Simon Radley at the Chester Grosvenor  - 1 Michelin star 

Hakkasan, London - 1 Michelin star

The Neptune, Hunstanton - 1 Michelin star 

Gauthier, London - 1 Michelin star 

The Black Swan, Yorkshire - 1 Michelin star 

The Kitchin, Edinburgh - 1 Michelin star                    

All of our induction cooking suites and planchas are manufactured by us in our factory in Kent 

commercial_induction_hobs.jpg induction_hob_suite_gauthier_resturant_002_800x600.jpg plancha_cooking_bass_and_prawns.jpg induction_hob_6_x_3.1kw_2_800x600.jpg  

 Induction hobs commercial

 Cooking suites with induction


 Induction Cookers

4 ring induction hob.jpg.jpg sous_vide_water_bath_interior.jpg granite_induction_counter_800x600.jpg plancha_with_oven_in_induction_stove_1600x1200.jpg  

Domestic Induction Hobs

 Water Baths built into suites

 Granite Induction Counters

 Induction Hobs and Ovens


Induction Hobs and Induction Cookers- Countertop commercial induction hobs same or next day delivery - In a hurry call us on 01622 872821

 Plancha v Griddle - click here for an explanation

Induction hob controlability - click here for more information

Induction hobs and cooking suites and made to measure bespoke induction hobs and planchas call 01622 872821 for advice and an estimate. Our CAD team can design a cooking suite and we can build it in our Kent factory


Control Induction are members of the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association

See our induction cooking equipment and planchas at Hospitality 2013 NEC Birmingham


 CESA induction cooking equipment guide for commercial caterers - click here

 Need an unusual or tailor made piece of equipment for your kitchen? give us a call on 01622 872821 

induction_suite_with_clifton_water_baths_800x600.jpg double_plancha_at_the_six_ashes_800x600.jpg

 4 metre induction cooking suite

 Double plancha

control_induction_at_hospitality_2011_800x600.jpg induction_suite_at_the_iron_house_norwich_800x600.jpg

 Coolcook induction stove with Adande refrigerated drawer at Hospitality 2011 

 Induction cooking suite with induction hobs, oven and plancha



Commercial Induction Hobs and Induction Woks

Domestic Induction Hobs

Induction wok noodles added 1 min 54 secs in.JPG four_induction_woks_with_single_flat_hob.jpg 
3 minute chicken chow mein - click here   Induction hobs and induction wok in free standing units 
catering_college_south_devon_induction_hobs_and_plancha.jpg  double_induction_hobs_in_suite.jpg

Bespoke induction counter for South Devon Catering College installed September 2010 

 Pair of induction hobs built into a stainless steel worktop

 four_ring_induction_with_plancha_800x600.jpg  plancha_in_bespoke_cooking_suite.jpg

 Two double Induction Hobs with French Plancha

Plancha and induction cooking

Versatility of the plancha - click here 

 induction_table_in_press_brake_800x600.jpg  granite_induction_counter_800x600.jpg

Our computer controlled press ensures accurate production


Granite induction servery counter



 Four zone restaurant induction hob 

  Countertop Plancha with four induction rings 

 drop_in_double_induction_jamie_oliver_800x600.jpg  pancha_and_induction_mounted_on_a_low_level_refrigerator_800x600.jpg

 Drop in double induction hobs at Jamie Olivers Recipease 

 Plancha with four induction rings on refrigerated counter 



 Induction Hob Boiling Table

Induction Cooking Suite



 Six ring induction boiling table

 Four ring induction boiling table



  Four ring and 4 zone induction suite 

8 ring induction hob 



  4 zone induction hob with 4 pans  

 6 ring induction hob 

 cooking_suite_with_plancha_and_induction_hobs.jpg  induction_with_plancha_aerial_view.jpg

 Cooking suite with single plancha and four zone induction hob with Schott ceran glass

 Bespoke cooking suite with induction hobs and plancha aerial view

8_ring_induction_hob_and_2_ring_induction_hob.jpg 5_ring_induction_hob_for_marine_use.jpg

8 ring and 2 ring induction cooktops

  5 ring induction cooktop for marine use

six_ring_induction_hobs_for_lecester_university_800x600.jpg fryer_and_pasta_cooker_built_into_a_stainless_steel_worktop_800x600.jpg

Six ring induction hobs for leicester University installed October 2010

Pasta cooker and fryer built into a cooking suite

four_ring_induction_hob_and_single_hob_with_four_cooking_zones_800x600.jpg four_ring_induction_hob_built_into_a_counter_800x600.jpg

Four ring induction hob and four separate induction zones

Four zone induction hob

Induction hob blog - click here for latest news   

Using gas? Slash your energy costs by using water baths and a plancha


your name and number or call 01622 872821 to arrange delivery of a free loan Induction Hob


Induction hobs with oven and French plancha in Jamie Olivers head office kitchen

 Aluminium Gastornorm Induction Hob Containers

 Induction cooking v gas cooking a case study

 Plancha cooking - advantages for Chefs and Caterers

six_ring_induction hobs
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