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Professional Induction Cookers  
  • All Control Induction professional countertop induction cookers are rated at 3.1kW and therefore can run from a standard 13 Amp plug 
  • The high efficiency of induction cookers (over 90%) with so much heat concentrated in the pan gives a 3.1kw induction cooker the power of a 6kW electric cooker or a 30,000 btu gas burner


  • Induction cookers and induction cooking suites with more than one induction hob are often hard wired to a dedicated power point. Alternatively it is becoming more popular to have an independent power supply to each item of catering equipment built into a suite. 
  • Although Induction hobs, because of their high efficiency rarely use full power, ample power needs to be available should it be required.







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