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Induction hob blog February 2013
Saturday, 23 February 2013

This induction cooking suite was installed in January 2013 in Damson restaurant in the new Media City in Salford, Manchester, the new home of the BBC. This unit comprises of 3 single French planchas, 2 induction solid tops, and a single 3kW Induction zone. Under the worktop are 3 x ovens. The kitchen is open to the restaurant area of the spectacular Damson restaurant

This is the above induction stove prior to despatch alongside one of the smaller induction stoves we've made. The smaller one was a bespoke unit commisioned for Gordon jones of menu Gordon Jones in Bath  induction_stoves_ready_for_despatch800x600.jpg.jpg
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Plancha and induction cooking masterclass PDF Print E-mail
Induction hob blog November 2012
Sunday, 30 September 2012

Plancha and induction cooking are two things that really interest me but I find the plancha more exciting, because it often actually improves the quality of food that a restaurant produces. 

Last week I took a client to Lumiere restaurant in Cheltenham. What ensued was a masterclass in plancha cooking. Jon Howe the Chef, who is, with his lovely partner Helen, proprietor of Lumiere would have been someone who I would have said doesn't actually need a plancha. Although that statement still stands, what Jon showed me was that a great chef can have an easier life, with less things to go wrong, if his equipment gives him amazingly consistent results.

One other thing that struck me was how good Jon's cooking suite looked after 8 months of use, a testament to good engineering and Jon's good hygiene standards. The bottom left pic' shows the suite when it was delivered in January 2012

jon_howe_and_his_induction_stove_with_plancha_800x600.jpg plancha_multi_functional800x600.jpg
 induction_stove_with_plancha_800x600.jpg  plancha_potato_cooking_800x600.jpg
 lumiere_5_800x600_800x600.jpg  plancha_cooked_pigeon_breast_at_lumiere_800x600.jpg
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Induction cooking suite with plancha at Kota Kai restaurant PDF Print E-mail
Induction hob blog November 2012
Sunday, 09 September 2012



Jude Chef proprietor at Kota and Kota Kai in Porthleven says "As well as cooking like a dream, the hob also looks beautiful. Because we have an open kitchen at Kota Kai, the customers can look in and see what is going on and they are really struck by it. The kitchen is also quite cool as there is no heat radiating out from a gas unit; the heat is going directly into the pans and the food, where it is needed."

"Any chef who gets to try cooking on an Control Induction suite would be impressed. It has certainly made my life easier. I have more control and there is less wastage, just pure efficiency," says Jude. "In fact I think I had better get one for Kai, too!"






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French plancha cooks everything PDF Print E-mail
Induction hob blog August 2012
Sunday, 05 August 2012

Although I have a great fondness for induction cooking, it's cool, it's clean, it's efficient and it saves caterers money, I think my favourite amongst our products is the French plancha.


'It's changed our lives' is what Brett from Elliots Cafe´said when I asked him what he thought of the plancha. In these images you can see Hake being cooked directly on one side of the plancha while a pan of veg is cooking 'a la solid top' on the other side of the plancha.


The plancha greatly improves consistency, reduces wastage, reduces pan usage and washing up, lowers energy costs and increases output.


plancha_cooking_hake.jpg plancha_for_frying_and_simmering.jpg
plancha_cooked_hake.jpg the_whole_dish_cooked_on_the_plancha.jpg
Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 August 2012 )
Induction wok cooker PDF Print E-mail
Induction hob blog July 2012
Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This induction wok cooker is a fairly utilitarian piece of kit, but i've uploaded it because it's unusual. It comprises of three 3kW wok induction hobs in a single easy to clean, cool running cooker. This unit is in a busy restaurant in central London. We can build a wok any type of induction hob, or a plancha into any of our bespoke stoves and cooking suites.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 July 2012 )
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