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Aluminium Gastronorm Containers for Induction Hobs

Aluminium Gastronorm Containers for Induction Hobs

Induction hob compatible aluminium gastronorm containers for use on induction hobs, in ovens, in fridges, on gas and halogen hobs. New October 2008  
  • Aluminium for superb heat transfer and even cooking

  • Non stick ceramic coating for easy cleaning

  • Gastronorm 1/1 for compatibility with most ovens, fridges and bains-maries

  • Induction base for comapatibility with induction hobs

  • High heat capacity

  • Fridge - to hob - to oven - to bain marie - all with one container


Due to popular demand we have launched a range of 1/1 gastronorm containers made from cast aluminium for superb conduction and which are completely compatible with induction hobs. These will be available from October 2008. They are the first gastronorm aluminium pans to be completely compatible with every appliance in the commercial kitchen. The unique construction combines the advantages of gastronorm sizing, the convenience of fridge to induction hob to oven compatibility and the superb conduction of an aluminium pan, Call 01622 872821 for more information

Made in Germany  
Fridge to Hob to Oven to Bain Marie to ...... all with the same container  
Do call us on 01622 872821 if you would like a chat about this product, our expert team will be pleased to discuss your requirements  
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