Chrome plancha or steel plancha?


 Induction suite bespoke Salumi         Chrome

          Advantages of the Chrome Plancha

          - Easy to clean with ice cubes!

          - VERY low heat radiation so cheaper to run

          - Ideal for cooking meat and fish

          - Disadvantages of the Chrome Plancha

          - If overheated the chrome could peel

          - If the chrome is physically damaged it is difficult and expensive to repair

          - Cannot be cleaned with abrasives



Single French plancha steel


          Advantages of the Steel Plancha

          - Very tough

          - Ideal for cooking meat and fish

          - Can be heated to 400°C (only applies to our Plancha)

          - Lower cost

          - Disadvantages of the Steel Plancha

          - Can rust if not oiled or if exposed to acids and alkalis, though any marks are easily polished out.


If in doubt go for a steel plancha, it will work well, gives great results and is very difficult to damage.