Salamanders are an integral part of most commercial kitchens and many of our induction cooking suites. Our salamanders automatically switch off after a preset time of 0 - 20 minutes stopping them from being left switched on for hours. They can also be set to switch on when they detect a plate under the grill and switch off when the plate is removed.

Salamander full power

Our Sal 02 salamander on at full power.

Induction cooking Island suite at South Lodge Hotel

A pair of salamanders above the induction cooking suite with planchas at South Lodge Hotel, Sussex.

Induction cooking suite with salamanders over

A pair of salamanders above 2 x French planchas at The Ship in Ellie, Scotland.

Salamander pulsing

The 2 x heating elements in the centre of our salamanders pulse at full power to stop items in the centre of the grill receiving more heat than items cooking/holding at the sides.


Salamander Running Costs

 Salamander Induction comparison