Gorgeous winter morning at Stoke MillSustainability is at the core of Control Induction’s ethos.

Sustainability is at the core of Control Induction’s ethos. Every stove we build is capable of being used for decades, and each one is capable of being run ‘carbon neutral’.

The basic materials we use to build our stoves are stainless steels that are by virtue of their thickness and composition, virtually indestructible in a typical kitchen. Our stoves are designed to allow for changes in technologies to be incorporated again and again. With our internal designs which make modification straightforward, replacement electronics can be fitted as technologies develop meaning our stoves could in theory last indefinitely.

To make Control Induction stoves as efficient as possible we focus on cooking methods that prioritise consistency in an effective manner. Whilst induction is always efficient in that it uses tiny amounts of power until a pan is present, and the pan draws power only when placed on the cooking zone, there is still scope for us to improve on this energy saving system. Use of our range of electronics allows us to build a stove with the correct life and functionality to perfectly suit the application. Our Planchas whilst focusing on consistent frying also reduce waste and energy usage by avoiding the need for frying pans and their repeated washing saving water, chemical and energy costs. Our Salamanders heat up in seconds and switch on automatically, removing the need for them to run all day, so they are primed and ‘ready’ to use.

Above all this, it is possible to run our stoves on renewable energy giving the option of 100% carbon neutral operation.

Sustainability of Control Induction stoves - Click here for pdf