The Slider®, our award-winning induction solid top, is the ultimate induction hob. Designed with two things in mind - efficiency & ease of use, it uses the heaviest duty electronics to give chefs the best functionality and maximum pan space.

It's the perfect electric cooking product for busy commercial kitchens, only using significant power when a pan is placed on it. Coupled with low maintenance costs, efficiency and the intuitive method of power control, this makes it the ultimate product for any chef considering induction.

Sustainability of The Slider® 

Gas and conventional electric heating, if used efficiently will normally consume double the energy of The Slider®. If used inefficiently, gas and conventional electric hobs will use 3-4 times this energy.

The Slider® is approximately 90% efficient in converting electrical power into usable heat in the pan. It is manufactured in the UK from European components and materials which means low equipment miles.

Being electrically powered, energy for The Slider® can be procured from carbon neutral suppliers. Induction produces no poisonous exhaust gases or wasted background heat.

Control Induction will always accept returns of its used equipment for recycling. Over 90% of this product is completely recyclable. All Control Induction products can be upgraded as new technologies become available.

Image: Simon Rogan's The French - Manchester 10 pans on one Slider®


Left Image: Two Sliders® mounted high power ends towards the centre of stove at Casamia - 1 Michelin star - Bristol
Right Image: John's House - 1 Michelin star - Leicester 

 the_slider_award_for_sustainable_catering_equipment_2011_800x600_800x600.jpgBENEFITS OF INDUCTION COOKING

  • Automatically switching to standby when pan is removed.
  • The lowest cooking surface temperature of any hob appliance.
  • The hob remains cool (no risk of burning or utensils being heated if left on the surface.)
  • No open flames, no risk of gas leaks and no inhaling of carcinogenic fumes.
  • The most energy efficient way of heating a pan.
  • Provides rapid heat and boils water with little build-up of heat in the room (no need to install expensive extraction system.)
  • Ultra simple to use and made in the UK. 
Our induction solid top The Slider® won this accolade at the 2011 Catering Equipment Suppliers Association annual conference. 

The award was given at the CESA FCSI (Catering equipment suppliers association annual conference in association with the Foodservice Consultants Society International). 

See our induction cooking equipment on TV! A Control Induction cooking suite was used for the final of celebrity Masterchef 2012.


Tinduction_hob_suite_gauthier_resturant_002_800x600.jpghe Slider® in Restaurant Gauthier, Soho London

This island induction suite comprises of three of the award-winning Control Induction Sliders® commercial induction solid tops, and two single French Planchas on the cooking surface. Below the worktop are two Adande drawers catering refrigerators and to the front of the suite a large hot cupboard.





induction suite with sliders plancha and adande 800x600    induction cooking suite in simon rogans the french 1 800x600

Left Image: 28-50 Maddox Street - Agnar Sverrisson - London  
Right Image: The French - Simon Rogan, Manchester

Slider induction video on YouTube - Cooking Honeycomb

Slider induction video on YouTube - Cooking Pancakes

 Induction Solid Top - The Slider® - click here for YouTube video [Cold to boiling showing the power gradient] 

Induction Solid Top - The Slider® - click here for pdf