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Control Induction Pans

Testing your pans - this is easy, if a magnet will stick to the bottom of the pans they will work on a domestic or commercial induction hob! Induction hobs work well with any pans with a high ferrous metal content at the point where the base is in contact with the induction hob cooking surface.

All our pans are suitable for induction and we stock a wide variety to meet our customers needs.

Net Price [excl. VAT]£24.55
Price [incl. VAT]£29.46
Net Price [excl. VAT]£48.85
Price [incl. VAT]£58.62
Net Price [excl. VAT]£88.65
Price [incl. VAT]£106.38
Net Price [excl. VAT]£145.45
Price [incl. VAT]£174.54
Net Price [excl. VAT]£256.70
Price [incl. VAT]£308.04
Net Price [excl. VAT]£23.10
Price [incl. VAT]£27.72
Net Price [excl. VAT]£33.70
Price [incl. VAT]£40.44
Net Price [excl. VAT]£44.30
Price [incl. VAT]£53.16
Net Price [excl. VAT]£75.00
Price [incl. VAT]£90.00
Net Price [excl. VAT]£98.85
Price [incl. VAT]£118.62
Net Price [excl. VAT]£41.90
Price [incl. VAT]£50.28
Net Price [excl. VAT]£60.30
Price [incl. VAT]£72.36
Net Price [excl. VAT]£67.25
Price [incl. VAT]£80.70
Net Price [excl. VAT]£21.85
Price [incl. VAT]£26.22
Net Price [excl. VAT]£25.20
Price [incl. VAT]£30.24
Net Price [excl. VAT]£32.10
Price [incl. VAT]£38.52
Net Price [excl. VAT]£17.35
Price [incl. VAT]£20.82
Net Price [excl. VAT]£19.20
Price [incl. VAT]£23.04
Net Price [excl. VAT]£20.50
Price [incl. VAT]£24.60
Net Price [excl. VAT]£28.60
Price [incl. VAT]£34.32
Net Price [excl. VAT]£5.10
Price [incl. VAT]£6.12
Net Price [excl. VAT]£5.90
Price [incl. VAT]£7.08
Net Price [excl. VAT]£8.60
Price [incl. VAT]£10.32
Net Price [excl. VAT]£10.45
Price [incl. VAT]£12.54
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